Affordable Fourth of July Wines

image of bottles of affordable fourth of july wines

Summer is here and the Fourth of July is barely a week away. I wanted to make a list of some affordable Fourth of July wines.  The criteria here were high-quality and quite reasonably priced at under $25.

First off, you’ll see a 2020 Dove Hunt Dog Rosé and Galavant Bubbly White, both from Scout and Cellar. This Texas-based winery is running a special so this makes a good price point even better. The Bubbly is wonderfully refreshing for a summer day, but so is the Rosé so I’m really torn between the two.

In the middle of the photo, you’ll see three French wines. This is definitely a nice way to really spice up a summer barbecue. There was just something about having a French wine and all three of these are from the Rhône valley region of France. All three are affordable and since I don’t think we’re getting to France anytime soon, having a bottle of wine from France for under 20 bucks can really make a party stand out. Definitely keep an eye out for the Cellier des Dauphins which was my personal favorite of the three.

And we have covered 7 Deadly wines before and you’ll see in this shot their Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Both of these are wonderful options and fit our criteria of being quite affordable. You can order right on their website and they will ship to almost anywhere in the US.

These are just some ideas for your 4th of July barbecues and we found everything on this list to be of high quality and quite reasonably priced.

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