Airplus Footcare Accessories

Our feet take us everywhere: work, school, play, activities: new accessories from Airplus can help us get through it all super comfortable.  I am talking relief for all parts of your foot (heel, arch, forefoot); no matter what ails you Airplus has the solution.  For bed-time comfort, “Aloe Infused Moisturizing Socks” are doing the trick.  These comfort and warm and come in an array of styles/patterns.  If you are like me, you have issues with heels.  I feel like my foot never stays in one place and I find myself stepping in and out of the shoe all day long.  “Hug My Heels” gel heel liners stop the slippage and improve the fit of your shoe.  They are super easy to adhere to the inner lining of your shoe.  I am so happy to have placed a “Memory Plus insole” within my running sneakers.  My jogging/speed walking routine often puts my feet through the ringer; these literally mold themselves to your foot and through memory foam evenly distribute comfort and pressure.  These insoles can be trimmed to fit your exact shoe size and will fit in shoes and boots alike!  “Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles” are a great solution for work boots, sneakers and casual shoes.  Industrial work causes so much stress on your feet; these insoles combat the stress you endure while absorbing shock and controlling odor.  These are truly your all day solution!  Please visit for more information on all of their innovative foot care products.  You will find something for every foot need and the prices are so reasonable!

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