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Educational Outdoors Inc. is bringing families back together and back to nature and the outdoors.  What a wonderful idea in these times of busy schedules and running wild to stop and “play together” as a family.  We have the pleasure during these snowy weekend days of checking out “The Biking Game” and “Pet Pods”; just two of the wonderful selections Educational Outdoors Inc. supplies.  My whole family gathering around the table to play “The Biking Game” in which you go around the board which promotes biking and a healthy active lifestyle.  “Schwinn” brings into the game the complete legacy of the biking world and I couldn’t believe how happy my kids were to play and learn.  You basically go through levels that start with basic bike parts and go up and up through the biking culture.  The game retails for $24.99 and is perfect for ages 4+ for 2-8 players.

My daughter is loving her new “Pet Pod” which completely speaks my language as I am constantly purchasing new ear buds as they go missing way too often.  Finally an adorable way to store them!  They retail for $15.99 and come in such adorable animal options: black bear, bald eagle, beaver, buck, fawn and moose.  Education alert: each “Pet Pod” comes with a QR code on the tag that once you scan will take you to a page about your animal.  Here my little ones loved registering their own pets while learning and sharing their pet pod experience.

Please do yourself a favor and check out for the whole array.  Such a breath of fresh air!  Such great camping and outdoor themed choices!

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