All Y’all Foods Makes Bacon Bits and Jerky That Tastes Spot On

 I have been on the search for a natural vegan jerky for quite a few years, and y’all foods are for new products that I’ve gotten pretty darn close to jerky.


The first I want to point out is the bacon bits, so when I said four new products, three of them are jerky, and one is bacon. These bacon bits are so close to real bacon that I was confused whether it was real bacon or not.

Separately the Jerky is exceptionally spot on in terms of texture and feel. My favorite flavor was prickly pear chipotle, but all three were great.


It’s a healthier alternative than meat-based products, and fortunately, the price point it’s not far off from regular jerky.


I also am pretty impressed that they are making this in Texas: the home of meat products. Considering how meat-centric Texas can be, I find it quite impressive that that’s the home of this amazing jerky company.


To follow this theme, they even have a special where they donate from each sale to the Rowdy Girls Sanctuary which is a cattle ranch turn vegan sanctuary. So not only are they walking the walk-in Texas, they are encouraging others to do it too.

Check them out at: