My almost teenager is already suffering from skin blemish!!!

Number one how is it possible I have a kid who is almost a teenager? Number two the poor kid already is getting the start of pimples/acne/skin blemishes.  I feel so bad.  I don’t want to just use any old product as I worry about chemicals and hazards.  I started simple with a quality soap and water but that just wasn’t enough so now I am shopping around for the best option.  It was then that I was literally handed a box of wonder from dermalyouth.  These people have changed my sons anxiety regarding his appearance in literally a few short days.  We started out with their Children’s Skincare System which is super simple.  Basically they start out nice and early with their out morning and evening routine for skin care.  Apply the moisturizer in the morning, go about your day and then after washing your face apply the night moisturizer prior to bedtime.  We actually just tack this onto his teeth brushing regime.  Oh and if you get hooked on this product like we are, they offer wonderful sunscreen products (SPF 30) and totally does the protection trick without chemicals and harsh ingredients that clog their pores.  I must admit, I kept the lip saver lip balm for myself.  Sorry; but it’s wonderful and also chemical free and I wanted it.  LOL

Now that this is solved, I hope to conquer the “put your laundry in the hamper” issue.  Wish me luck.

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