Now that we are farmers…what next!?!

The kids and the husband tend to our summer garden like 2 hours a day.  Watering, pruning, picking, cleaning; they do it all and actually really enjoy it.  Trust me not complaining, but I always secretly think to myself “what the heck do I do with all this produce”?

I recently learned about BALL COLLECTION ELITE a new line of jars from a company that has been helping us preserve what we grow for over 100 years.  I literally spent an hour perusing the website and there are so many great ideas recipes and tips so a novice like me had no trouble learning the ropes.  They have these 16 oz “sharing jars” that each time you buy, the company donates to Feed America.  They have a cool shape, they are safe for canning and BPA free.

Also because I am one stressed out mommy, I also used their “spiral jars” for making super cool beverages (for adults only!) and I also made this cute scented flower jar for our bathroom.  Yup…and it is not even half way through the day!  These jars have endless uses, and I feel it’s the perfect time to get them so you do not waste your produce bounty this time around.  I am happy we did!

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