Alpine Lake RV Resort – Camping and RVing

RVing was always a rarer type of vacation, but during this time of COVID, this type of travel has shined. Do you want to travel and see people, but keep them at a relative distance of at least 2 meters? Do you like activities where you can just walk around in nature and not necessarily see people directly? Maybe you like grilling for your family and don’t want to worry about COVID and restaurants? RVing would be for you.

Now, when I say go RVing, do not limit your imagination to merely the four wheels and driving across the country. According to Go RVing, Park Model RVs, often referred to as cabins or cottages are unique units that provide accommodations for recreation, camping or seasonal use. Park Model RVs are designed to look like homes, but they need to be hooked up to site electricity, sewer, and water like any RV. They may have some nice extras such as a front porch and are a great way to experience camping if you’re not ready to rent or purchase an RV or all the gear that goes with tent camping. You’re not having to worry about driving around and learning how to handle an RV to have the experience. This is what we had tried with Alpine Lake RV Resort.

In our case, we had a cabin for three nights, which was pretty much the perfect amount of time to get an excellent idea and feel of an RV type vacation.

From a bigger perspective, when it comes to RVing, you’re entering a community. Some people are here for almost the whole year, others are here for the month, others for a week or two, and some like coming for a shorter stay. You will meet a wide variety of people in this RV culture. One of my favorite moments, especially with the current political climate, was seeing people flying their respective political flags from all ends of the spectrum, neighbor to neighbor, and getting along quite well.

It’s a living community with its own culture of friendliness, welcoming, and camaraderie, whether you’re coming from a city or country’s culture. You don’t have to worry about letting your older kids run around on their own. Not only are kids running around on their own, but neighbors keep an eye out for each other. It’s a safe environment between the security at the entrance gate, the staff always around, and to pretty much knowing all your neighbors. I felt 100% comfortable, letting my 13-year-old daughter explore independently.

In particular, Alpine Lake RV Resort has basketball courts, playgrounds, walking and hiking trails, fishing, and a beautiful lake with paddleboats. There were days that I would just read a book and sit back on the porch, while my husband was out mountain biking, and my daughter was exploring on a scooter.

The cabin has a kitchen, full bathroom, two bedrooms, and a seating and dining area. It was equipped with Cable TV and air conditioning. All you need to bring are the materials to go with whatever degree of camping you want. Do you want to cook on an open fire or grill? You can cook outdoors and enjoy your meal at the provided picnic table. If you wanted to completely take a break from camping, you could order pizza or food from the on-site restaurant or even the town of Corinth, which is just next door. There is something beautiful to be said about camping with air-conditioning on the ready. If you want to fish and hike, you could then return for a shower, meal, and sit back in air-conditioning comfort. It’s basically camping at your own speed with whichever intensity you would like.

I loved that Alpine Lake, in particular, had two major things going for it, a sense of community and camaraderie. It is the kind of place you want to visit again and again. I could compare this to a beach or pool club or small-town community. It would be a warmer feel to be here for a longer-term and get to know your neighbors even better. I can see the attractiveness for retirees who just want that laid-back lifestyle and families to have a place where you can feel some safety and comfort while having lots to do.

The other significant aspect of the grounds is just simply how beautiful it is. The lake is picturesque and going for walks here has views around every corner. The two pools were well kept as well as the many playgrounds around the property. The small bay we faced had a lovely fountain in it, which provided a calming sound of running water and a beautiful view. We rented a golf cart to explore the site, and many return visitors had their own to get around. The lack of automobiles added to the scenic experience as well.

Overall this RVing experience is one that I would definitely return to. I loved the fact that camping is done at my own pace and where you can feel a high sense of comfort and safety. It was never on my radar before, but during COVID times, especially, I love how you can travel and be isolated and commune to your comfort level.