Goldthread Plant Based Tonics

Who out there is still recovering from the bad eating and drinking hazards of quarantine 2020?  Hey; who is actually still bad eating and drinking and quarantine? We are all running on fumes here after the most exhausting and scary 4 months we’ve had in a long time.  I am sort of getting out there with the kids, fresh air, many a bike ride and trying to amp up the vitamins and supplements in an effort to build a barrier between my family and this scary virus.

Check out this new product I’ve been trying out this week from Goldthread.  This is plant based goodness delivered right to your door.  Why go tonic?? Well…they are a brewed concoction of herbs, spices and other adaptogens that restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.  So many amazing options to fit your every need.  These are going to aid you in boosting energy, boost your immunity, digestion, metabolism, mood, mental clarity and more.  We totally ALL NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!  I can go on forever about their Tumeric Radiance Tonic; this is perfect if you need some help in the area of digestion and reducing inflammation.  It contains tumeric root, ginger root, orange peel, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and more.  This is where relief for that poor eating choices is gonna come in.  I actually felt a major difference in my belly after only day 2 of the tonic.  The hubby has been sampling their Green Minerals Tonic; this one is going to enhance energy, provide your body with vitamins and minerals as well has being great for your hair, nails, skin and bones.  It contains chlorophyll, raspberry leaf, lemongrass, alfalfa leaf, oat straw and more.  I know… it sounds overwhelming but it really is yummy and you totally feel the difference.  I want to mention these contain no sugar and they are better chilled.  They are organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and non GMO.  So many great options to choose from!

I’m now exploring having them come monthly so we always have what we need on hand.   I’m starting out with a 6 pack of their favorites so I can try out the others and decide what I need more of in my life.  We are going more plant, less bad in this house and are super excited to have been introduced to this great brand!