Amazing Baby’s Smart Nappy NextGen Hybrid Reusable Diapers

Diapers.  The most expensive part of having a baby, as well as the messiest!  There are a lot of options as far as diapers go, and the first choice to make being ‘reusable or disposable’?  Now you can have it both ways with Amazing Baby’s Smart Nappy NextGen Hybrid Reusable Diaper System. 

The Smart Nappy NextGen Hybrid Reusable Diaper System comes in 4 size options so you can have the perfect fit as your baby grows.  The diaper is super soft and has elastic all around the leg holes, so they are made for comfort and ensure a good fit.  The patented Easy Tab Design makes sure that there is a secure closure and that the diaper stays closed even on the most active movers.  With the water proof liner and double gusset, there is added leak protection because no one wants to worry about a blow out while snuggling these munchkins! 

The best part is, the Smart Nappy is versatile and can be used with either the disposable inserts, or the reusable tri-fold insert that comes with the Smart Nappy.  This is a perfect and stylish gift for any new parent, with cute designs to choose from.  The denim look is perfect for any baby bottom!  Check out the Smart Nappy NextGen Hybrid Reusable Diaper System and other Amazing Baby products.


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