Amba Heated Towel Racks


The pandemic seems to be a time for home improving.  Everyone I speak to is telling me little odds and ends they have done in their homes during these times.  I guess all the time in the same 4 walls is really making us look at things we really didn’t have time to see beforehand.  Also, as I have said a few other times here on Famadillo; a time for pampering.

Enter Amba Heated Towel Racks and you have yourself the home improvement and the pampering all in one neat package.  The racks are simple to install (by a licensed electrician) and you will be so happy hopping out of the shower to a nice warm towel.  Also; you will be reducing laundry and water usage since towels won’t have to be washed as frequently.  Some of their models heat through thick cables, some heat up a liquid element to heat the bars, and some use a resistance wire to heat the bars.  Some models you can set a timer and some have settings you can adjust to your preferred temperature.  Oh; and different finishes are also available.

We are happy to have the Radiant Hardwired Straight model in my house.  This is suitable for 1-2 full sized towels.  The unit is hard-wired but a plug in version is available.  Ours has a beautiful brushed stainless finish but other options such as polished stainless, matte black and satin brass are also available.  Temperature goes up to 149 degrees and you will be safely comfy and cozy in no time!  This one costs around $370 but so many options and models you will for sure find the perfect fit for your bathroom!