Bullseye Bow

So we have now hit the part of quarantine where I let my kids run wild.  Literally.  And the fresh air is really doing them good!  We get out there each and everyday, weather permitting and for the first time ever we have some extra family time built into our normally hectic and over scheduled days.

Bullseye Bow is a new addition to our backyard this week.  I know…you are probably saying how can I honestly promote a bow and arrow for children?!  But this one is super awesome and super safe!  This is a family owned business, made in the USA product which I LOVE!  The cost about $30 so the perfect reasonable gift for anyone on your list.  No screen time or app needed, no batteries required and totally gender neutral.  It comes in a great array of colors also.  We have the orange.  The arrows have foam tipped arrows so zero worry about injury here.  I couldn’t believe how far the arrow could go; this is more than just a simple “toy” yet perfect for kids.  Finally a great outdoor experience without the worry of damage to anything in your yard or driveway or the need for a first aid kit to be in your back pocket.  Check out this awesome set!