The Ambrose of Santa Monica

SM_LobbyI recently took a trip to Santa Monica and stayed at The Ambrose, a beautiful and eco-friendly boutique hotel located only minutes away from The Santa Monica Pier and shopping.

Green living has been integrated into  all aspects of the hotel.  It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle around there.  They

IMG_7512_LegsI was impressed with the luxury bed and lines and overall decor of the room.  Very modern and comfortable.  The beds were extremely comfortable.

Breakfast is complimentary and organic.  The fruit was beautiful and seasonal and the pastries were delicious.  They also offered an variety of cereals and bagels.

Bikes are available, which offers a perfect way to check out Santa Monica.  Parking at the Pier and all over Downtown Santa Monica is always at minimum.

We especially enjoyed relaxing on the balcony while reading and having a refreshing beverage.   A perfect place to unwind after a meeting or relax before one.

Hybrid Vehicle charging stations inside offer electric vehicles a place to recharge and people like myself an opportunity to check out the newest Teslas.  I got to check out the new Tesla SUV.  Pretty nice!

The Ambrose was far enough away from the downtown scene to offer a peaceful setting yet close enough to quickly be in the middle of downtown.  I’m sure I’ll be back for an adult getaway.



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