Secret Tree Fort

This book review is in the words of my 8-year-old: here she goes:

Secret Tree Fort by Brianne Farley is a great book for kids.  The story is about two sisters are playing outside on a beautiful day and one sister had a secret tree fort that the other did not know about.  One sister urges the other sister to play with her by telling her all about the secret tree fort.  This tree fort is a special: it has a water balloon canon to protect her, a trap-door roof so you can look at the sky, a basket that glides up with snacks and flags that will tell you all sorts of things.  In the tree fort you can look at all sorts of things in nature like wishing rocks and moss.  This amazing fort is made out of candy!  The sisters fight: one says it exists and one says it doesn’t.  So they decide to build it together.  It was not real and they made it up along the way.  What a great story of sisters that will work together to build something from their imagination.  For more info please and to purchase through amazon: 

secret tree fort


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  1. What an interesting read! I’ll have to buy this (thanks for the link on Amazon!) and bring it along next time I’m babysitting.

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