Amora Coffee

So we are clearly staying home more now than ever.  As a person totally addicted to buying coffee on the way to work everyday at my favorite barista this whole “brewing coffee at home” thing took me a little bit to get used to.  Aroma Coffee offers a really unique array of coffee blends that will have you running your own personal coffee shop on day one.

You can purchase whole bean and both ground regular and decaf blends.  We started off by trying their “Vigorosi Blend” which is bold coffee with notes of lemon, dark chocolate and caramel.  How could that actually be possible in one coffee bean? Lucky for us it is; this blend has a decent intensity level which completely fills my quota for dark coffee.  I actually love the quality and taste; I drink this black which actually speaks volumes for how good it really is.  They have other great options as well like “Elegante (medium blend with syrupy body), “Intenso” (smoky rich blend), and “Delicata”(classic blend with light sweet lemon and chocolate hints).

You can join their coffee club and sign up for a cool subscription so all the work is done for you in advance.  Just sit back and wait for awesome coffee to arrive and continue to run your own quality coffee shop with half of the expense.  This also goes for their wonderful tea line which I cannot wait to try next.  You actually will scoop up the first bag for free and then you will get more cool gifts along the way.