Closca Bottles For Your Work Commute

As we return back to work I really have to admit my whole routine has changed.  How is it possible that in 4 short months I think of things so differently now.  Less spending on outside entertainment (although not by choice, I now feel so much more strongly about backyard gatherings over restaurants) and the “drive thru beverage experience” is pretty much over.  I can’t tell you how much money I probably spent on coffee and fruity teas and bottle water.

I have been brewing my own java and using reusable water bottles for weeks now and couldn’t be happier.  One of my new favorite bottles is from this awesome Company, Closca and I want to share it with you all!  I’ve been using the Closca Bottle Glacier and boy am I thrilled!  This is a bottle you can actually wear; This bottle has this silicone wrap around feature that easily attaches to your tote bag handle, stroller etc.  It has two caps (top and bottle) for easy cleaning or adding cool things to diffuse like fruit.  This is BPA free borosilicate glass that has no odor.  The top is rounded perfectly so no awkward sipping (ever drink out of a water bottle too wide up top and you end up spilling it all over yourself?) No… me neither.  LOL

Grab some accessories also while you are shopping.  They offer this amazing bottle infuser that gets inserted through the bottom opening of your bottle and is leak proof.  Such a unique company!