Is there anything this phone isn’t capable of?

I seriously use my phone to do everything from make a call to order all my holiday gifts to play a 3D video game with my son? These kids have it made; when I was a little one we had a jump rope and one wiffle bat.  Technology just amazes me.

This week we checked out the awesome Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset.  It is so so easy to use by just placing your phone in the tray, put the tray into the VR One Plus and off you go.  If you wear eyeglasses, no worries as this wonderful invention fits over them.  There is no fogging issue, I wasn’t sweating or overheated and the sound system on this baby is great too.  The foam is actually really comfortable against your face and at times I wasn’t conscious that something was actually on my head.  My experience with this headset as well as my sons was second to none. At times we were actually fighting over this thing.  The view is crystal clear and at times I had to remind myself that I wasn’t actually in a forest collecting coins from a hilltop! Hard to distinguish between virtual reality what is actually in front of me.  That is how clear the images were.   LOL

This awesome headset will run you like $99; I would snag one or 5 of these now so you are the best gift giver on earth this holiday season.



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