Where do you store your pictures?!?

Don’t lie to me or yourself; you most likely have all your pics in your phone and you most likely don’t even back it up.  I take about 10 pics a day of my cuties, all on my phone and they seem to stay there with the over 1000 that came before them.  I always say I will “save them” to some sort of cloud, or make a book (who has 10 hours), or better yet frame them in my home.  NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPEN.  LOL.

But what if we had a simple way to watch our favorite pics right on a fantastic screen displayed in our living room? Enter Photospring and suddenly everything changes for you.  This is a touchscreen and completely wireless/portable digital frame that connects to your phone, MAC, PC and Web.  You can use the companion app to send pics right to the frame (this was effortlessly for me; and trust me I usually have no clue what I am doing with electronics).  Photo and videos will play in slide show fashion.  The fact that this is touchscreen makes it super easy to browse and/or search for the memory you desire.  This is easy to charge with the included AC/DC charger and cable.  You get up to 4 hours of battery life.  Oh and I have to mention the fact that this is over a 10 inch screen so it really does become the highlight of the room.  Each day can be a new “view” as the “photospring” organizes your pics for you.  It is like modern-day picture magic.  And finally…. you can end the day in your living room (hopefully kids are in bed) and you have your glass of vino and you can look at photos of when these smelly and loud kids were in diapers and smelled like baby powder.

This is a FANTASTIC holiday gift and retails for about 149.00 for 16GB.

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