AOC Thanking her Second Grade Teacher Shows the Impact of Teaching

Teachers have an impact that is sometimes so undervalued. AOC was recently tweeting upon a poem and her second grade teacher followed up reminding her of her poetry days. It seems that they used to read poetry in class which AOC still remembers.

As a parent I simply love this reminder of the impact of education. It’s been a decade or two since AOC went to school but still quick moment intention resonated. AOC remembers her time with Miss Jacobs and seemed quite happy about the reunion. She even goes on to mention that AOC leaving her a message at the end of her teaching yearbook.

I feel like we sometimes ignore miss the basics that the impact of teaching has. This was a moment that might’ve simply been an hour, maybe longer or maybe less. This impact however has lasted throughout AOC’s life and now has a direct impact on the present moment.

The value of teaching cannot be understated and I personally love the fact that Ms. Jacobs now has this wonderful memory and wonderful reinforcement on the value of teaching.

We all need teachers like Ms. Jacobs and hopefully you’ve had one yourself.





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