Ciders to Try

  Ciders are so much better than beer. They are sweet and taste like happy apple juice that just make you feel good. They taste smooth and they just make this momma happy. Here’s a list of some recent ones I tried.

If you’ve not tried cider, this is definitely something you should consider. I also love the fact that as opposed to beer you can get some real variety with cider by mixing different apples and fruits etc…




2 Towns Ciderhouse
Made in a local town in Oregon, this goes down smooth and has some great looking bottles. These are made with a locally grown heirloom apple and are vibrant and lush.




Mixed with fruits this is a happy cider that kind of feels like a match between cider and sangria. The pear felt more traditional while the wild berries was a whole different thing. I love the fact that each is different in the example above.












Austin Eastciders
This is the classic cider. I tried them once in Austin and they are sold across the country. The blood orange is insane. If you want to know the standard bearer cider, this is the one. Austin is in bars and restaurant and I swear I see it everywhere.