Applegate Natural Spicy Breaded Chicken Review

I know we are all planning pretty extensive holiday menus right now.  I myself am planning pastas, roasts, sides and of course, some pretty killer appetizers.   We all get a little culinary and creative around the holidays! The kids…they never seem to like what we slave over the stove creating.  Sometimes they just want something they recognize!  Enter Applegate Spicy Breaded Chicken for the win!

We tried out a bag of their Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast Bites this past weekend and it was a winner with the whole family!  They are 100% natural and have nothing artificial or GMO.  Think holiday platters!  You can very easily heat these up and stick in a festive toothpick for a great appetizer treat.  Football season is in full swing; think of the perfect nosh food for the guys that come over on Sunday.  Hey…I even sent the leftovers to school in my kids’ lunchboxes.

One thing I will say is they were very impressively crispy.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I also couldn’t believe that they passed the taste test of my kids and myself and the husband.  That kind of food unity almost never happens.  They come fully cooked and frozen.  Easily heated up in such a short period of time.  You can grab them at great retailers like Amazon, Whole Foods, and Kroger in January!

Check out Applegate Natural Spicy Breaded Chicken now!