Aqua Carpatica

aqua carpaticaI have been trying to “up my water intake” the last few months.  I feel stronger and healthier; I didn’t realize how dehydrated my body actually was, so I was thrilled to try out nitrate and sodium free water from Aqua Carpatica.  This fantastic water comes straight from springs in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.  This water is super pure and literally touched by no one.  Their natural spring water is a perfect still water; naturally alkaline, sodium and nitrate free with no after taste.  This is perfect for baby formula, expectant mothers and anyone with blood pressure or with dietary needs.  They also offer delicious sparkling mineral water.  Again this is nitrate and sodium free and full of electrolytes we all need for an active lifestyle.  Nitrates in particular can be dangerous to babies; even some of our favorite brands of bottle water contain a level of nitrates.  But not Aqua Carpatica.  Because this company cares so much about the nitrate content in the water we drink, they even will provide you, the consumer with the paper strips to do your own at home purity tests.  You test your favorite drinking water and decide for yourself if it is safe for your family.  Please visit their website for more information:

Learning about this water has actually changed the way I think about what my kids are drinking.  I love this water!

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