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Often a smell or perfume reminds me of someone; for example there is someone in my building at work that has a scent that reminds me of my grandmother.  I personally gravitate towards a musk.  I think we all have sort of a “fragrance of choice” that sort of follows us through life.  I really think a perfume purchase is very personal; you totally have to know the person’s likes and dislikes and usually people are a “one fragrance for life” person.  In conclusion, I am usually not a “perfume adventurous” person; but something made me try out a couple of samples from Spadaro.  “Beso Del Mar” speaks my musk language.  It is super light, with hints of lime and even hibiscus!  I love that it was inspired by sunsets in Cabo San Lucas; something super tranquil about that.  “Noche Del Fuego” is more of a sharp, vanilla meets patchouli meets spices journey that was inspired by Spanish Fire Dancers.  Definitely a bold and fantastic fragrance choice.  “Doux Amore” I could go on for hours about; what could be bad about a mixture of vanilla, lily and jasmine?!? I love this for an after shower summer night inspired by a journey to Morocco.  Finally, “Sole Nero” is an invigorating and great choice for those fans of citrus fragrance.  I get instant hints of both musk and one of my favorite essential oils frankincense and almond which quite frankly is my heaven in a bottle.  These really are all delicious and equally rich in history and inspiration.  I love a good story behind my perfume choice.  Like I said its a personal item.  These are a great gift option!  I love that they offer a sample set for $20 so that you can try them all!  Candles also available!  Visit their website for more info:

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