This isn’t always the most popular topic amongst friends but honestly most people enjoy a moist wet wipe in the bathroom.  They are softer against your body and you feel fresher than when using dry toilet paper.  The major problems that come with these necessary wipes (especially in this house) is the fear they will clog the toilet and of course how pricey they can be.  Enter the wonderful (and new MUST HAVE in our bathroom) Aquinelle.  Literally one spray of this wonder mist onto toilet tissue (folded up) brings you a wonderful new wipe experience.

I was completely skeptical of Aquinelle and boy was I wrong.  The spray is such a soothing and moisturizing experience (must be the Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and witch hazel) and it was hard to choose between “citrus burst” and “island mist” fragrances (also available are “rainforest” and “ocean breeze”).  I was worried about an allergic reaction as my family’s skin is so sensitive: Aquinelle is hypoallergenic and safe for everyone.  I cannot wait to try the other fragrances next!  As for pricing, you can purchase an 8.25 fl oz. spray bottle for $9.99 or the travel 3.25 fl oz. spray bottle for $4.99.  I want you to keep in mind the larger bottle holds about 300 uses while under 200 wet wipes cost around the same amount!  Please visit for more information and to shop.  Finally an easy-going alternative to such an embarrassing topic! 


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  1. Wow. seems to be a creative solution for a problem I know I too have faced. I am concerned that the toilet paper may not withstand the spray, even folded up.

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