IFME Children’s Sneakers

My peanut hopped off to school today wearing the cutest, boldest, brightest new sneakers and she was just all smiles!  IFME or “If It Was Me” is a company that launched in 2009 specializing in unique designs to support your children’s foot during all their fast paced movements!  I truly couldn’t agree more; these are the best and I wish I had known about them sooner!  They are so appropriately priced at $40-45 a pair making them easy on anyone’s budget.  Also: a major plus in this house: they hold machine washable insoles!  This is music to my “momma of a dancer’s” ears.  Oh, and they have this cool “MOFF” (Marvelous Odor Free Fiber) technology that is awesome at absorbing odor!  They can be active all day and now they have a sneaker that properly supports their little foot and absorbs the sweat they generate.  IFME has super cute styles for both baby and child (infant sizing 4 1/2 -7 and kids size 8 up to kids size 1 which is great!); we are trying out the “Ray” model in bright pink and blue and she is loving every second of their bold hue.  Also really note-worthy is the fact that some styles come with pre-tied laces so no worries about keeping them tied, or tripping over laces to slow your kiddo down!  Their sporty looking velcro keeps little feet supported and in place all school day long!  I love love love my new find in children’s footwear!  Please do yourself a favor and check them out:  Plenty of color choices for both little ladies and little gentlemen!  Check out their Spring Line!  Racer IFME RAY 2 IFME Ray IFME

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  1. I remember being small and loving all the bold colors on most boys shoes. Back then girls just had one or two options and they weren’t as dazzling or bright. It’s nice to see that IFME is really pushing a more progressive look for both boys and girls. These designs are so cute.

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