Arbonne RE9 Advanced for Men

Gotta take care of your man and the good people at Arbonne once again help us make that happen!  I have to help the hubby in the cosmetic “take care of yourself” department because he acts too manly to care about his skin.  He makes fun of me with my night moisturizers and paraffin treatements but he is now learning that I am onto something.  For the last few week’s we have been sampling Arbonne’s ” brand new Men’s Skincare products.  We started with their Eye Repair Cream” and are already seeing results.  He definitely has fine lines and wrinkles and each day we are dabbing a few drops around his eyebrows and under his eyes to combat this.  This cream is packed with algae extract, vitamin C, malachite extract and Japanese pagoda tree flower extract which each provide their little tidbit for hydration and environmental hazards.  This is safe for everyone and retails for $50.00.  Definitely worth it.  I also added a step into his shaving routine with the Company’s “After Shave Soothing Lotion”.  This is brand new also and I have to say soo light in consistency you almost cannot believe the results.  Same extracts and wonderful vitamin ingredients and we are really onto something in the fight against aging skin, wrinkles and over dryness.  This goes on just after shaving so its super easy to find the time.  It retails for $36.00.  I personally use Arbonne’s skincare products for women and I am thrilled to have the hubby indulging as well.  For more info please visit 

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