Are Standing Desks Good for Focus

I feel like standing desks are becoming all the rage. Everybody seems to brag about them As being quite helpful in terms of both ergonomics and focus. What you see in this photo is the Victor DC 500 mobile adjustment standing desk that I’ve been using myself.


People will talk about the ergonomic benefits of standing and how awesome this is that it moves around. But I actually found this quite helpful for my teen with focus issues. My daughter uses the balance board that I put right in front, and it can roll right out in the living room.


I cannot speak to anything from a professional studies standpoint. But that said, t I did find that my teen did seem to focus more on using her energy on the balance beam as well as standing.   As a mom, I find this quite an exciting tactic and helping the kids focus. To be clear,  I’m not saying this from a scientific point of view, but from a pragmatic point of view, standing seemed to help her focus more effectively.


Separately, I also love that this particular product in that it rolls right out and in and is quite sturdy. I actually found it sturdier than the photo and ridiculously simple to assemble.


Do you find standing at a desk helps your team Focus? Is this a trend other moms are doing to help their teens focus, and I just learned about it now? I think this now becomes a regular part of our family homework process.

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