Six Flags Fright Fest 2021

    Six Flags in New Jersey has many attractions besides the Great Adventure amusement park.  It is about an hour  and a half from New York City. We normally hit the roller coasters but this trip we decided to try the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure and attend Fright Fest.

The first thing we did was visit the Safari. It takes at least an hour and a half to take the drive. It was great getting up close and personal with the animals from the comfort, and safety,  of your own car. This is a unique experience and not one you come across often and we highly recommend it! It is very unpredictable because the animals have the right of way and some of them like hanging out on the roadway. The giraffes will lick pollen off your car and an emu will peck on your tires to find goodies. It was also interesting to learn about all the animals from the audio provided by Six Flags.

We headed to Great Adventure next and since it was early in the day we had to go on some of their famous rides, especially some of their more than 12 roller coasters. We went on traditional favorites like Batman the Ride and Kingda Ka and then rode some of the newer attractions. The Jersey Devil Coaster premiered this year and is the tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster. There was a long line but it moves really quickly so don’t be intimidated by it. There are comfortable single person cars in a string of twelve. There is no slow part, even the initial ascent. You definitely feel the force of this ride pulling you in many different directions. The Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, built in 2017, was my favorite ride. It is the tallest pendulum ride climbing to 170 feet and going 75 MPH. As if that wasn’t enough it rotates you at the same time. Fair warning this line is long and slow but worth it!

Around 5pm the park converts to Fright Fest. The center water fountain now spews orange water. There are all kinds of creatures roaming the park who love to sneak up on you. Eerie music and lights set the scene for horror. There are a variety of mazes like the Reflections of the Dead and Aftermath and great shows like the Dead Man’s Party. All kinds of ghosts and zombies try, and succeed, to frighten the hell out of you! You might find one of these scary people can appear next to you on a ride. My favorite part was the Frightworks, fireworks choreographed to some chilling music.

We highly recommend attending Fright Fest and getting there earlier for the coasters. It is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.

You can get more info at Six Flags’ website.