Are UVC Sterilizing Lights the Newest Thing?

EasyKleanEverybody is talking about UVC-LED lights for sterilizing. If you don’t know who is talking about it, join your nearest Moms Group on Facebook and you’ll get overwhelmed with people talking about sterilizing wands.  One mom wouldn’t even touch her groceries unless the area was sterilized first. She’d have the delivery guy leave them on her porch and then run away. Then she’d bring the groceries in with her gloves on and sterilize everything.

You’ll see here we checked out the EasyKlean by ME-UVC which is a pretty look and neat hand held UVC Light sanitizer.  The premise is that you need to wave the wand over the area and all of those viruses are killed.  Now, at first I thought, am I really going to wave a wand wherever I go?

Can you imagine walking into a restaurant and waving that wand?

Then my idiot husband tried to clean the placemats to the left in that photo with windex. “Dude!  They’re like wood.  You can’t just spray those things!”  Men are idiots!

So here I am staring at him and gave him the wands. Sure, he can wipe it down with a damp cloth but I didn’t want him ruining the placemats.

Then I thought, “Yes, Eureka! This is why people will use wands”

So many things in this world just can’t be helped with Windex.  I mean you can’t really take a bottle of windex and spray away in the local restaurants. The waiter would be a bit concerned to say the least.

This EasyKlean  handles all of that.  It’s small enough to fit in your pocketbook and has enough of a charge to handle a few outings.  I really can’t use hand sanitizer on the plate at a restaurant or cutlery, but I can sure as hell wave a wand.

Now I’m sold. So yes, I think UVC-LED wands will be the next big thing. Mark my words.