Best Wandavision Products for Sale on Amazon

If you’re not watching Wandavision, you should be.  The series featuring the Scarlet Witch and Vision really cannot be understated.  It’s an entirely different type of show than basically anything I ever have seen.

I feel like the initial screeners gave it an impression of being a weird sitcom going decade by decade but that is so far from the reality.

Now, if you’re just starting the show you have to get through the first episode with some patience and then by episode 4 it’s a crazy ride with some crazy reveals. Once you start watching it, you’re going to be insanely addicted. I warn you.

Now to fill your Wandavision obsession, I search Amazon for the best products out there.




First we have these cute little Disney like trading pins.  Now if you’ve ever been to Disney you’ve seen these at trading booths. Will these be traded? Not likely.







Popsockers are so popular lately it’s really not a shock that they popped these right out!








Okay, I’m a bit confused. Do you think these make sense? I mean in a way they look good, but I do feel like having the words on my mask is making me a walking billboard for Wandavision.













I can’t tell if this is a sexy witch or just retro. You tell me.











I found this to be an amazing design. Props to the designer.









Probably my favorite one as who doesn’t love a Funko Pop figure.