Argaux – Your Personal Sommelier

There are now dozens of online wine stores, and they all seem to sell mass wine at a discount. The quality seems to be in a wide range in the deals are certainly to be had.

That horrible intro aside, I approach the story wondering what would possibly make another long story unique. There are dozens are online wine stores and somebody has to make some form of differentiation.

Argaux took an extremely different tact and basically turned customer service into a personal sommelier. Do you have a question of what matches with what? Maybe you’d like to know what is a rose? Maybe you would like to know what pairs with what? You might not be able to afford a sommelier but when you order from Argaux the sommelier is basically included. Once you get the product, you can text your sommelier and ask away.

Our personal sommelier

I asked some good questions, and some ridiculous ones and he basically held up pretty well. As you could see he was right on call helping me decide what to order for delivery. For somebody who might not know wine, or simply wants that extra level of service this is a pretty good option.

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