Barney Butter Is My Pantry Top Shelf Item!

We are eating a lot of meals here; I swear someone is always asking for something.  I’m going through crazy amounts of snacks and while I am thrilled the kids don’t have to “want” for anything during the pandemic I am truly in awe of the amount of items we are consuming.  I am always on the hunt for something healthy and yummy for them to scoop up and love.  Barney Butter is just that item.  This is just the best of the California almonds there is.  The products are processed in a 100% peanut and gluten free environment.  They are also certified vegan and kosher.  During this time of major uncertainty, it kind of jazzes me that this almond butter is made in a state of the art facility in a small batch process.

Ok now onto the product options here.  I just want to say for the record that I adore all the options I have tried so far.  “Crunchy” is really a kick back to old school bagged lunch.  The ingredients are simply almonds, sugar, palm oil and sea salt.  I honestly feel like I’m 7 years old again.  It is just so yummy and such good quality.  “Smooth” is just a dream.  If you are looking to make the healthy transition from peanut butter this is truly your gateway.  The secret is in the blanched almond in the recipe and honestly once you try it you simply will not go backwards.  Other options include chocolate, bare (no sugar or salt) and cocoa and coconut.  This company is the real deal.  Check. Them. Out.

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