Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies

With Back To School coming in just a few days where I live, I am in full snack/lunch shopping mode.  Arlana’s Cookies are these delicious individually wrapped cookies that backed with just the best ingredients out there.  Upon my first bite the word “authentic” came to mind.  You feel like they are fresh out of the oven.   So that means you can provide your child with this great snack in their lunch bag and its wrapped and ready to be enjoyed with zero mess!  Another impressive feature is the company is woman owned and inspired by her own mother.  Love stories like this!

Cookie options include chocolate chip, sugar, maple walnut, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip walnut.  Each one have this amazing soft, chewy texture and are chock full of the best chocolate morsels, or raisins etc.  They are light and legit melt in your mouth.  Ingredients are all the normal/simple things without all the preservatives like flour/sugar/butter/eggs/spices.

Collections include signature boxes/bags/barrels and other cool options that include flowers.  Price of course varies by how many you order.  You simply pick your price/flavor/container/quantity and you are all set.  They are really reasonably priced (just under $12 for a bakers dozen – how can that even be?!?  Once again, you can go small, big or in between.  You simply must check them out for your next need to send someone a gift or care package.  I’m honestly just ordering them for my own home right now because I’m scared to be without them!  Each cookie flavor is better than the one before!  Check them out!