La Petite Cream

Nowadays with how busy we are and all the time spent driving in the car, we completely overuse throw away and items of convenience.  Baby wipes sooooo fall into that category.  I myself use them all day long.  In addition, when it comes to baby we want to use the best of the best don’t we?!?  Why bother with the harsh ingredients that the wipes can have in them?

La Petite Cream is your perfect alternative.  This is a simple way to clean your babies bottom with just a few ingredients.  Six to be exact: organic olive oil, organic beeswax, water, organic glycerin, vitamin E and limestone.  I totally didn’t know that beeswax heals and limestone disinfects!  We received their Organic Starter Bundle ($25) and couldn’t be happier.  You get yourself a pump bottle of diapering lotion,  travel size too, a travel size diaper balm and some awesome disposable cotton pads.  This lotion is luxury and a MUST in your diaper changing routine.  If you need a little extra TLC we are finding the balm to be a major help!  Refills and individual item options are also available.  The product is super easy to use; just pump into the close and use on baby’s bottom.

This is a great baby shower gift!