Arm & Hammer Baby

arm and hammer baby

So, I was just asked to review the most delicious-smelling laundry detergent ever.  Yes, it is for babies…but I really don’t care.  I’m using it for my entire family. The product I am talking about is the brand new Arm & Hammer Baby detergent.

Arm & Hammer Baby detergent is hypoallergenic and pediatrician tested.  It is very easy on the baby’s skin yet really tough on the typical baby staining, such as formula, pureed vegetables, and more!  You get the same baking soda formula you are already accustomed to.  There are zero dyes, preservatives, and phosphates.  This product is made with EPA safer choice standards so you know your family is in the best hands ever.

Now, I want to talk about the scent.  It is a fresh, almost “baby powder fresh” smell that I am using on our clothes as well since I am literally addicted to it.  You can also use it to handwash any delicate items you may have.  Oh, and the price point is amazing. Super refreshing in this world of “everything is super expensive now.”  You don’t need to lose quality for economics here!

You can easily grab this amazing detergent from Walmart and Amazon.  So, while you are sitting at your computer/tablet/phone reading this, you could literally just purchase it right now too!  The cost is under $9 for a 75-load package.

Check out Arm & Hammer Baby detergent today!