Artful Agenda Review


For those of you who love paper planners, we get it. The stickers, the colors, the personalization – they’re all fun. But we have some exciting news: digital planners can be just as customizable and enjoyable! Artful Agenda is a digital calendar that you will love, and here’s why.

First and foremost, a digital planner can boost your productivity. Typing is typically faster than writing by hand, so entering events, tasks, and lists is much quicker with a digital planner. Plus, you can easily edit and rearrange information with just a few clicks or a drag of the mouse. Say goodbye to the hassle of double or triple entry – enter an event once and it automatically appears on the month, week, and day views!

Artful Agenda makes it easy to sync all your calendars in one place. You can connect it to Apple, Google, iCloud, and Outlook, and even integrate multiple accounts to keep track of your work, school, personal, and family life. No more juggling multiple calendars – see all your obligations and events in one central location.

Not only that, you can also share your Artful Agenda calendar with others. Make sure your partner knows when you’re away at that yoga retreat or your friend knows when you’re free for a catch-up lunch.

Artful Agenda 1

Artful Agenda 2

Artful Agenda isn’t just a calendar – you can also keep lists, prioritize tasks, meal plan, and even track your water intake. And it’s all just a click away! Plus, there’s an app that you can take with you on the go.

Using a digital planner is also environmentally friendly – no more paper waste! You won’t need to buy a new planner every year, which means fewer trees being cut down.

Artful Agenda makes color coding a breeze thanks to multiple calendar categories. Say goodbye to carrying around a bunch of colored pens or sticker pads – it’s all built-in! Speaking of stickers, Artful Agenda has plenty of them to choose from. No more frustration when you run out of a specific sticker – just choose from the digital selection!

But the best part of Artful Agenda? It’s fully customizable. Change your cover based on your mood or the season, choose your handwriting, fill it with color-coded items, and add as many stickers as your heart desires. You can even set repeating tasks and get push notification reminders.

Artful Agenda was founded by Katy, a mom of three who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. She struggled to find a solution to her family’s scheduling conflicts, so she created this digital planner. It’s now 100% women-founded and operated, and has been downloaded over 1 million times.

And the best part? Artful Agenda is priced affordably at just $35 annually. That’s a small price to pay for a more efficient, customizable, and eco-friendly planning solution.

So if you’re still holding onto your paper planner, it’s time to give Artful Agenda a try. You might just find that you never go back to paper again.