Color Surprise Puzzles from TCG Toys

TCG Toys has the most awesome Color Surprise puzzles for kids!

It doesn’t just end when you have made the puzzle! Once it is done, you can apply a bit of water with the felt-tip pen to the white spaces, and as by magic, the rest of the image appears!

Barbie color surprise puzzle

I love the puzzles themselves. They are high-quality, with Sure-Lox technology to ensure there is the perfect fit for each piece. The pieces are out of sturdy cardboard with a nice thickness to them that feels good to the touch.

The images are beautifully printed. The water-activated color change technology works amazingly well. And once the water dries up, the picture becomes white again. So your children can redo the reveal again and again!

These puzzles will help your children enhance their dexterity and create a beautiful masterpiece. These puzzles are so much fun, that they will want to do them over and over again and see the colors change!

So far, there is a Barbie Color Suprise 100-piece puzzle for $18.75 and a Hot Wheels Color Suprise 100-piece puzzle for $14.59 available on Amazon. The Love Diana and Blue’s Clues Color Suprise 100-piece puzzles will be available soon.

The Color Surprise puzzles measure 15″ x 11.25″ with 2mm thickness and include a water pen. TCG Toys advises them for ages 3 and up.