Artichokes Are Awesome

artichokes are awesome

Artichokes are awesome.

You can learn that from the sticker in this beautiful photo, and it’s something that I just think needs to be said a bit more in life. Artichokes are by far my favorite vegetable.

Artichokes, especially when done right, are beautiful flowers that when purple like this just look incredible. There’s a beauty to the artichoke, especially when it’s done well. They have an almost work-of-art component to them like the flower that a vegetable is derived from.

Ocean Mist Farms sent us this press pack to demonstrate the fact that artichokes are awesome. They come straight from farms in Castroville, California, which is also coincidentally the artichoke capital of the world.

I think it is actually one of my dreams to visit Castroville to see the abundant fields of artichokes. But I digress because this is just talking about the fact that artichokes in general, well, are awesome.

If you are like me and you’re not lucky enough to get to Castroville to see them for yourself, the next best thing is to order a variety of artichokes from Ocean Mist Farms.

Throw them in your oven, bake them up and it’s a relatively easy way to get your healthy vegetables and iron into your body.

Did I mention the fact that artichokes are awesome?