HomePower ONE – Emergency Power Supply

homeone 3

The HomePower ONE backup battery power station with SolarPower ONE portable solar panels is a stand-alone solution to most of your power needs.

That is a powerful statement in itself, but I’ll break down all the reasoning in the next few paragraphs. This will not necessarily handle all of your problems, such as charging the air conditioner as well as your electric car, but this will certainly handle quite a few problems for you.

In this first photo, you’ll see the SolarPower ONE solar panels, which I admit upon seeing them, I was extremely intimidated. I know solar panels to be something that is extremely annoying to set up, and you can imagine where the story goes, this was not annoying at all. It is literally foldout, and it’s already running.

The second you fold it out, there are even ports on the back to USB ports, as well as a package to hold the cords to go directly to charge the HomePower ONE unit.

When I say that the setup took me, no exaggeration, a few minutes, I mean it. You fold it out, point to the sun, and then choose whether to plug in USBs or directly plug into this generator.

homeone 2

The second photo is of the generator itself. This is built solid like a beast but has a very simple and straightforward display.

On the left-hand side of the photo, it shows you the input and output, and on the right-hand side, it shows you the total battery.

This is exceptionally straightforward and exceptionally simple to use. I had it charging with the solar panels for a few hours, and you could just sit there and watch the meter rise up. It’s not exactly light, but as a mom, I could carry it. It’s certainly manageable and easy to carry around.

On the right, you’ll see it has three AC outlets in addition to the USB ports. Plus, it has a car outlet.

This last photo shows the HomePower ONE plugged into a massive coffee machine. In the entire house, this is probably the biggest electrical draw I have. This coffee machine is a monster, and it still worked quite fine, drawing all of the power from the HomePower ONE. Even with this massive coffee machine pulling on it, this wonderful HomePower ONE unit kept plugging away.

homeone 1

Use of the HomePower ONE

You can use this, of course, for a backup battery in case there’s a massive power outage, but I particularly like the idea of camping with this thing. Could you imagine sitting at a campsite and brewing coffee on a $2,000 coffee machine? Then the next day, if you want more energy, just roll out the two big panels.

This is not for the faint of heart, for this thing takes camping to an entirely different level.  This is for intimidating your camping neighbors.


Overall, this unit went beyond impressing me. It’s a combination of the reality that it is a powerhouse of a machine — made and designed to be unbelievably easy. The setup for this requires no manual, and to be honest, I figured it out even without a manual in a matter of seconds. Charging it took only a few hours, and we were running and brewing coffee anywhere I wanted.

If you are an avid camper, this is a no-brainer. Set it up to get full power anywhere. However, if you are a mom, like me, who is completely paranoid when it comes to blackouts, this will completely put your mind at ease.

Not only can you charge the unit with the solar panels, but you could also charge it up at your neighbor’s house with a plug, or even in the car. Having so many options to charge it as well as affordability, I am basically going to take the big gas generator I have and throw it out the door, as this is much easier to deal with.