Aura 7 Activewear

The weather getting nicer and hopefully for you that means you are outside and being more active.  Aura 7 is this great company that offers beautiful “butter soft” products designed with your sexiness, confidence and personality in mind.  I also completely adore that this is a woman owned and operated company.

Items for offer include bras, leggings, scrunchies and shorts.  These leggings are AMAZING.  Like AMAZING.  They are high waisted with this great band that supports you in all the proper places.  They are so soft and yummy feeling that you actually forget you are wearing pants.  These are a great option for workouts, walking, yoga and more.  Honestly, I’m working from home tomorrow and probably just wearing them because they are awesome.  You do want to take care of these; hand wash and hang to dry.  They cost about $98 and are completely worth the splurge.  I have the Tropic Vega style which are so super cute with a whimsy, soft feather print.  I also have a scrunchie.  Honestly it was so soft and perfect for anyone who sweeps their hair up to get active or even to go to sleep at the end of a long day.  What is so cool about these is that they are made from the same fabric as the bras and leggings – they use the scraps and reduce the waste.

Check out this great, eco friendly company!