CBD Flower USA

Ok…ladies and gents this is a very cool product that absolutely NEEDS to be talked about.  This company, CBD Flower USA offers amazing strains of hemp flower including cookies!  Yup… I said cookies.  The strain is pretty amazing; it is a total cannabinoid profile of 22.5% and 18% CBD.  The balance here is the key; you can use this product anytime of day with zero issue.

The flower buds are screened expertly and are all grown on Federal USDA Farm Bill compliant farms.  Now we got to check out the Cookies CBD Flower which gives off this earthy, outdoorsy musky scent.  You will be happy just by opening the package I promise!  These are totally appropriate for beginners as well as avid CBD users.  And the cool part is that you can choose the size that works for you; pricing starts at about $5 and goes up to about $450 for a pound of the product.  They also have great flavor options like cherry cheesecake (fruity and floral aroma), Skywalker (a more sour aroma), and Shirley Temple (this one is rare) to name just a few.

These can be a wonderful addition to your CBD collection and you know you are purchasing quality!  Check them out!