Awesome food and drink items to check out!

I’ve been sampling different yummy items all weekend; some of them were awesome and I want to share with you all! Football season always brings entertaining to my home so I enjoy trying new foods/beverages/etc. and sharing them with my friends!

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice: I know…it sounds odd.  But this is beauty in a bottle I tell you.  First of all, it is simply delicious.  There are 40 cherries in each bottle.  This is a super fruit that will aid in your health and your sleep.  It fights stress, reduces inflammation, allows for a restful sleep, regulates fat/sugar, aids in reducing risks of stroke.  I mean why isn’t everyone drinking this!  I am loving it!

Planters Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Almonds: These are an incredible fall delight.  I love pumpkin anything.  They are crazy delicious and I’ll be honest I need more already.  The canister doesn’t stand the chance of lasting the week.  Also; one serving is 25 pieces and will cost you just 160 calories.  That is a snack perfect for the work place.  These are limited edition; check them out while you can!

Ice Chips: I am a big gum person.  Always have to have something in my purse when I need it.  These fantastic “ice chips” are also doing the trick for me.  The flavor options are amazing (lemon, peppermint, berry, root beer float) to just name a few of my favorites.  These chips are naturally sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar and help strengthen teeth, reduce tooth decay all while not affecting your insulin level and containing zero carbs.  Do yourself a favor and give them a try!

Roar Organic Electrolyte Infusions: I am always looking for water/hydration alternatives.  I adore seltzer and literally drink it all day.  I was super excited to try out these beverages that are legit 10 calories per serving and have no gluten or artificial flavoring.  I think “strawberry coconut” is my favorite but the others are yummy as well (pineapple mint, mango clementine and cucumber watermelon).  These are refreshing and so delicious.  You simply must give them a try!  So full of flavor and not sugars and calories!

Nature Nate’s Natural Raw & Unfiltered Honey: This honey is unlike any you will see on the supermarket shelves.  This is raw and not messed with.  The bees make the honey and this company takes it from the hive and is tested for pollen count as well as pesticides, antibiotics etc.  All the important components are still there!  We are adoring adding this amazing quality product to our evening tea.  I drizzled it on the kid’s pancakes this morning and they were thrilled.  The honey can be purchased in bottles, individual packets as well as gift tins.

Ok, so I did a lot of the testing for you this weekend.  Now it is your job to try these fab products out for yourself!


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