I am slightly old looking and had to spend the day checking out great beauty items!

We are one week into the school year and I already feel like someone is beating me up and forcing me to become a taxi service.  One week!

This is why I love this job I have; people send me cool products and I check them out.  Keep them coming because I love them!  So fun to treat myself sometimes!  Ok so here goes my little story about my experiences with a bunch of new items you will surely like to scoop up!

AmLactin:  Y’all need these for the harsh winter and dry skin.  These are “Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy” creams that are rejuvenating my skin as I type this.  Their Ultra Smoothing cream is never leaving my purse.  This is absolute must.  They are fragrance free and absolutely not greasy at all.

Vanity Planet Skin Care: ok so those beauty regimines with the whole bunch of steps….I just don’t have time for that.  This companies “main squeeze daily cleanser” is creamy but evolves into some foam action.  I use just a tiny bit at night and just like magic the day and the makeup are gone from my face an neck.   Also really noteworthy is their “ultimate skin spa” which is an amazing exfoliating skin brush that I put “main squeeze” on.  Once you use this product you will never use a washcloth to wash your face again.  Literally never again.  Different brush heads are in the kit for your every need (daily, exfoliate, etc).  This is like a spa treatment at home!  Love!

PCA Skin: now this amazing line of products I asked my sister to check out.  She has some redness and sensitivity so I felt like these would be perfect for her.  And I was correct!  Their “broad spectrum spf 45 sunscreen” is a dream.  Lightweight and does the trick.  Now their “dual action redness relief” is her jackpot.  This product is reduces the redness and irritation from day one.  Apply to the face both day and night.  Amazing quality products.

eprouvagenow lets skip over to the hair for a few minutes (no worries….i have more skincare products to talk about).  This company is serious about hair health.  Their “daily shampoo” is my husbands new go-to while their “smoothing conditioner” is taming my extreme frizz troubles.  My son likes to style his hair each morning so I tossed him their “natural hold styling gel” which by the way is a flake free solution to gel.  There is also their “molding paste” if you are looking for a pomade that will handle texture and control.  Now I usually don’t get into the personal but I truly suffer from scalp issues.  Their “reviving scalp serum” is like Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up togethet.  This is two seconds of working through your towel dried hair for soothing replenishment and relief.  I have to tell you; I will always have this item on my bathroom counter.

7th Heaven Masques: I can’t believe I did this but I sent the kids and husband out last night and I went to town trying out their “charcoal masque”.  By the way, they have other amazing options as well (my daughter is trying their “cucumber peel-off” tonight).  These are super easy; open packet apply to face and then wash off.  So many great options and they do NOT break the bank!

N.4 Hair Care: I’ve talked about these products before.  I always smile when I get to use these!  The company is awesome quality!  Hands down I adore their “super comb prep and protect spray”.  This is saving me from daily fights with my daughter and the hair combing process.  The best leave in conditioner treatment spray out there!  Also worthy of conversation is their “clarifying shampoo” and their “styling creme” which I use to tame my mane when I rush to work after showering.  These are salon quality treats you can have at home!

EO Organic DeodorantI have to tell you I actually only use organic and all natural deodorants now.  The chemicals and additives in other products scare me!  Nothing toxic or clogging is in this spray!  This is essential oils and Ethanol that stops odor at the source.  Safe and a really good price point.  The product line is huge!

Golo Release Dietary Supplement: This is a diet I can handle.  You can still eat the foods you love; but the plan watches your glucose intake and you literally will drop inches, gain energy and even be less stressed!  Sign me the heck up!  I am trying out taking a “release” supplement during each meal (3 for the day) and I am thrilled so far with how I feel.  No side effects; really awesome ingredients and I know its helping with my anxiety.  How can you not be intrigued by this plan!  Please read about it for yourself!

Treets Traditions:  This line of fine skin products goes with the old school mentality of extracts and nature coming to your skin rescue.  There was no medicine and cremes to save the day.  We received “foaming shower gel” from two of their lines and I couldn’t be happier.  These are great foam quality and perfect for shaving and everyday use.

Promise Organic:   This is a great line of products for momma and baby.  We are adoring the quality of their “coconut butter” baby wash, diaper creme and baby lotion.  Such an amazing gift for my niece who is expecting.  This product line uses only organic aloe, shea butter, essential oils and plant extracts and even gives some of their proceeds back to conserving nature.

PMD Personal Microderm: each and every one of these microderm abrasion tools will have you feeling like a queen.  These are truly the real deal.  You can within minutes remove all dead skin cells just as you would in the expensive day spa.  Like magic!  I found this product so easy to handle and I am well on my way with my cleansing, toning and moisturizing plan.  Oh; and there are many disc options suited to what your skin can handle.

Belli Basics Coconut Oil: If you are looking for an all natural, daily oil option simply look no further.  This product is good for infants through adults.  How often do you hear that?!?  I use it on my scalp, for the babies diaper rash, and even under my makeup!  So many amazing uses!  It is free of harmful additives and quite honestly a staple going forward in this house!

Colorado Aromatics Lotion: a truly aromatic and herbal line of products.  I have their “lavender hand and body lotion” on my desk and work and couldn’t be happier.  The fragrance alone soothes my nerves.  Plenty of built in extracts to get me through my day.

Please check out a few or all of these fine products.  I love my job!  My family and I feel like royalty!



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