Awesome Honey Options!

Are you a honey lover like me?  I enjoy adding it to my recipes, my hot tea and even as a solution to the common cold/sniffles.  I am always on the lookout for a new line of honey to grab up and enjoy!  Here are two new ones my house is loving!  Consider grabbing them up now for all you holiday needs!

Bee K’onscious Raw Honey: This is the real deal in quality.  This is 100% raw honey direct from the bee farm to the table.  No processing or additives and completely produced using sustainable practices.  Honey is known to alleviate allergies, suppress your cough, help with sleep, has antimicrobial qualities, is a superfood and can also boost your energy.  Each jar can be traced back to it’s origin by scanning the jar.  You can find out the information about the beekeeper, where it was harvested etc.  Two great options we are enjoying are the Organic Raw Brazilian Wild Mint ($18.00 with such an awesome sweet earthy and minty flavor.  This is perfect for cold and flu season and soothing your sore throat) and their Organic Raw Brazilian Christmas Berry ($18.00; a darker honey with the aroma of black pepper and a hint of chocolate).  This is your HOLIDAY GO-TO for baking, and maybe even adding to your favorite marinade/bbq sauce.  Such quality products; check them out!

Maryiza Honey: This is amazing quality single-origin honey with downright amazing floral nectars.  The company works with forest based communities that raise their bees and produce honey alongside tree flora seasons.  The result is this amazing honey with such different aroma, taste and texture.  I was lucky enough to scoop up their Tasting Set that includes Abalo (dark amber/smoked pinewood taste), Bissana (amber white/buttery/pear/rose) Grawa (dark amber/bitter burnt caramel taste) and Geteme (off-white/cream color/thick/sweet).   They range in price from about $15-18 on their own, but the set is $32.00!  This is a great gift option!

Please consider learning more about these two great companies!