Chefs Garden is a vegetable service for chefs

In the story, the subject itself does cover the bases. This is basically vegetable delivery for chefs. You don’t have to be a chef, but if you care about food, you will love this. You’ll love it because the quality is as high end as you can get without leaving your house.

I have done food delivery and vegetable delivery before, but what makes this unique is the quality. Each particular item is hand packed and not one item was spoiled in any way. They are heirloom quality and picked that week!

I loved laying it all out. And each item was so unique and so awesome. I never saw carrots like this except at a farmer’s market!


If you look at the original photo below, it is literally specialty harvested with a date the barcode and everything you could ever want to ensure quality. In addition, I love that they send you recipes and suggestions for everything. This is basically the gold-star standard of vegetable delivery.

I love the fact that it’s also a farm that you could even visit. It’s literally Farmer Jones’s farm. Now I want to go and visit! Can he be my friend?    I absolutely love this!