Baby Jack: Your Baby’s Favorite Learning Lovey

We are always on the lookout for good toys to keep our children entertained. And with the products of Baby Jack , we found something great for our smallest one! These Learning Loveys are extremely soft on the outside, but have a lovely crinkly texture on the inside. It is difficult even as an adult to be fidgeting with them all the time, the sensory experience is just really nice. But…  they are also educational!

The ribbons all around are all in different textures, even some with wavy edges. The little detail that all ribbons are sewn shut was for me the biggest game-changer.  Our eldest often got his fingers stuck in those loose ribbons from his old toys, no more for our smallest one!

On one of the ribbons, a toy link is added, for easy attachment to the stroller, playpen, or car seat.

We got a Cities (New York) and a State (Colorado) . We already had our eldest asking us questions about Colorado, so it truly helps with the learning of state and city facts. By playing with them, your kid will start recognizing popular landmarks, flags, and other regional specialties.

Baby Jack has a lot of other collections to offer! Which child doesn’t love a police or firefighter theme? And could you choose between all their different sports or kids’ loveys?

Baby Jack has also been raising awareness and designing products for CHD, Pediatric Cancer, Autism, and Down Syndrome.

I love that I can just throw them in the washing machine. God knows that these loveys get dirty!

I will be getting more of these as my friends around me are getting babies too, I find that these loveys just make a great addition to any gift basket for parents-to-be!