Feltman Brothers: vintage baby clothes

We think it is very important to have just a few, good-quality items to celebrate those special moments in the life of our children. Items that will be kept and passed on to the next generation. And what is more timeless than very high quality clothing for those special days? Feltman Brothers has a long history of providing exquisite baby and toddler clothing. Maybe our daughter will one day bring home her child in the Feltman Brothers clothing we had her dressed in for her Coming Home.

Feltman Brothers offers high-quality babyclothes with that true vintage look. We got our daughter the cutest hand-embroidered outfit for those special days like Easter (which is soon coming up!). And we love the quality. It is very soft and so detailed! The seems are perfect and those little grabbing hands will not be able to pull those buttons off. The quality just radiates from these clothes!

Feltman Brothers has some nice collections: special wedding clothes for your little attendants, a nautical collection, and heirloom collection, a secret garden collection, a vintage collection, … . They even offer themed clothes for any special occasion like the Holidays and Easter.

Since 1916 they have been making the most finely crafted, classic styled clothes for the little loved ones in your life. Their exquisitely styled and hand embroidered clothing for little boys and girls form newborn to 4T are just gorgeous.

I had fun looking around their website, and was happily surprised to see they even offer lifelike dolls in their signature clothing! So you can get your child a matching doll in a resembling outfit.