Babylist, One-stop-shop for baby essentials

Babylist is a complete one-stop-shop site for all of your baby’s needs. This is a website you can shop, find gifts, create baby registries, and research products.  I wish I knew about this earlier! I just received the Swaddle Box, Pacifier Box, and Bottle Box.  The boxes come complete with an array of options for your baby to explore. All of the boxes came with some brands that I have tried and already enjoyed but in addition, they came with some I haven’t which I’m excited about.  As parents, we all know that it can be difficult to find a bottle that your baby likes.  The Bottle Box came with five different bottles.  Some with anti-colic options, silicone options, and features like “safe temp”.  The Pacifier Box is similar with its diverse options.  A pacifier that glows in the dark, one that is attached to a tiny stuffed animal that my son actually loves, and different textures to try. The Swaddle Box also had different options, a velcro sleep sack, zip ups and a cotton blanket swaddle.  It’s a perfect way to find out what your baby likes best.  The boxes make great gifts for all expecting parents and a wonderful addition to any baby registry.