Popular Science Makes Binoculars

Quite a few people make binoculars, and there are certainly more than one choice. What I found makes these Popular Science binoculars is the simplicity and brilliance of the design.


You’ll see in the photo that there is a strange-looking plastic that attaches to the eyepiece. This, in turn, can be adjusted to exactly match one of the fancy cameras you probably have on your advanced iPhone or other super fancy device.


Yes that one piece of plastic makes quite a difference. It allows you to basically take your phone and turn your binoculars into an entirely better device. First of all, you can look at things through your phone and use the screen as a monitor. Than you choose to take a picture with it or without it.


In addition to that holder it also has a Remote Bluetooth feature. Maybe you don’t like using your cell phone, and you want to use the Bluetooth, that option is there for you too.

Lastly, you’ll see it’s made by Celestron. This is a high-quality material and high-quality lenses. The lens itself, as well as the body, are made to last. But combine the name Popular Science with Celestron, and with a really good quality iPhone, you the real deal.


In addition, in the photo, you’ll see what appears to be two batteries. These are also by Celestron and are there thermal charge three, hand warmers. These things kid up quite fast and if you’re going birdwatching on the site in the fall are a nice addition. This combination of the two makes it much easier to go out and enjoy nature by solving one or two problems for you.


Now you don’t have to worry about your hands freezing, and you don’t have to worry about how to take a photo of her bird 5000 miles away.


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