Baby Registry Must-Haves

Are you expecting your new bundle of joy, or do you have a wee one at home? Then these should absolutely be on your wishlist!

Innovative baby products for modern parents will help you take care of your baby without losing any style or convenience.

NanoBébé offers a huge range of products. You are sure to find great baby shower gifts there!

We tested the E-brush electric baby bottle brush, and boy is it great!

You can easily remove the head, put it in the steam sterilizer, and keep it germ-free. The spin on the brush makes sure that your bottles and cups are thoroughly clean with almost no effort. The soft silicone handle is ultra-comfortable to hold.  And you can easily buy replacements for the brush head at a very reasonable price ($8 for a pack of 4).

Did I mention it is rechargeable? No batteries and it goes on for a very long time!

I know these brushes are specifically designed for baby bottles, but we found them great on our glasses, cups, jars, and containers too. Washing has become such a blast that I regularly find that someone else has done it before me now!

The little brush it comes with is great for nipples or for those little cracks and grooves.

The Flexy silicone baby bottle is another must-have item. It comes in 4 cute colors and 2 sizes (5 or 9 oz).

We love the anti-colic function of the triple-vented silicone nipple. And since the whole bottle is made of soft silicone, your baby will have no trouble holding it and will have an easier transition from breast to bottle.

We have found that the bottle is easy to put down, even in the middle of the night by a tired mother, it will not tip over thanks to its wide rounded base.

You can put this bottle in the microwave and dishwasher and easily sterilize it with steam.



CuboAi is probably the best baby monitor out there! It has so many features it will be hard to sum them all up here. It comes with an app that will notify you when it is too hot or cold; when your child’s face is covered; when the baby is crying; when it is rolling away into a dangerous zone. But it will also play music or white noise, lets you speak to your child, be a nightlight, and give you a high-resolution video feed even in the middle of the night. If you need a baby monitor, do yourself and your conscience a favor and get the CuboAi.

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We are convinced of the quality of the products of Delta Children! They have so much to offer, from bookcases, strollers, mattresses, boosters, outdoor playhouses, to potties, and anything in between. If you need anything for a child and would like something of high quality? Delta Children has got you covered!

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The clothing line of Kyte Baby is the softest you have ever seen! I adore the fabric and love that it is still a bit stretchy, giving my baby a comfortable night’s sleep. The bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and oh so comfortable! You will never want to dress your baby in anything else for bedtime!

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