Top Ten to See in Saint Petersburg, Florida

As a songwriter from Boston seeking refuge from the cold, grey weather of the northeast, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled into Saint Petersburg, FL. Saint Pete is a highly inclusive community overflowing with a blend of cultural activity and sunshine. From our world class farmer’s market to the Saint Petersburg Grand Prix, we are always partying in the streets here. The MLK and Pride parades are simply an amazing spectacle. People who visit for the first time often ask me for suggestions on what to see, and this list only scratches the surface…you’ll have to come back!!


1)            Bodega is the most amazing restaurant serving Latin street food and always consistent and delicious. I simply can’t get enough!


2)            The legendary Dali Museum is considered legendary for a reason. It is one of the most beautiful museums you can imagine before you even get to the surrealist artwork!


3)            Pass-A-Grille Beach is the least built-up beach area along our famed coast, and the sunsets are to die for. Just an awesome place to hang if you like digging your toes into the sand.


4)            Walk along the Water: Saint Pete’s downtown is separated from the water’s edge by protected parks and picturesque marinas. The beautiful walkway is always lined with families and their dogs. It is just a magical place for a stroll at just about any time of day.


5)            Gumbi!! Percussionist and local resident Gumbi Ortiz is a national treasure, even if he doesn’t know it yet! When he makes appearances here in Saint Pete with his band, it is not to be missed!!


6)            Mural Tour! Saint Pete has become known for many things including beautiful murals. The mural tours here are astonishing and highly recommended.



7)            Open Air PO: I know of no other city with an open air post office, and in addition to the fresh air, the architecture is off the charts. When you come to Saint Pete, don’t miss our post office!

8)            Airport with a view! Situated next to the Dali Museum, the Albert Whitted airport is home to countless hobbyist aircraft as well as helicopter tours and the occasional private jet. The first ever commercial flight was from this field!! The aircraft are so majestic to the glistening backdrop of sunshine and Tampa Bay!

9)            The Central Ave. stroll that features so many interesting shops and restaurants filled with the colors of local artists mixed with antiques and other curiosities.

10)          The sunsets here are ridiculous, and the best ones come right after one of our famous and dramatic thunderstorms. Epic sunsets to say the least !!


Micah Sheveloff is a Boston-born pianist and songwriter who merged an intense classical music foundation with a unique feel for popular song craftsmanship. Sheveloff was a fixture in the Boston music scene, having shared the stage with The Detours and Gary Cherone before founding The Voodoo Jets with drummer John Fowler (Steelheart) and Francesco Perrouna. Sheveloff has recorded with artists such as Marc Shulman (Suzanne Vega), Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls), Meliah Rage and others. Sheveloff has a passion for great sound and has been an outspoken advocate for high-performance audio as well as old school recording techniques. He now resides in Saint Petersburg, FL.

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